40 secrets only divorce attorneys know

(GoBankingRates.com) By Lia Sestric GoBankingRates.com November 19, 2015 – 2:10 pm    Divorce process is a stressful process that can easily bring out the worst in people. Some people even see divorce as a way to seek revenge on a spouse by seizing money and assets. Although divorce can get you out of an unhappy […]

Ten Things You Should Know About Divorce These ten tips will help you ensure you have the right expectations to make your divorce as successful as possible.

When a marriage ends, spouses and their children often face a perfect storm of stressful events: new living arrangements, parenting schedules, and of course, decisions about property and money. The emotions caused by these changes can make it difficult for spouses to understand the legal process of divorce, and may even impair their ability to […]

16 things a divorce lawyer wants you to know

Like the most common cause and average cost of a divorce. COMEDY CENTRAL In 2014, the Office for National Statistics released data that suggested 42% of modern day couples get divorced – which isn’t the hugely encouraging figure you want slapping you around the face before your wedding day. But unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it…), […]